Houd rekening met langere levertijden.
Grondstoffen Er heerst een schaarste op polycarbonaat en papierpulp, grondstoffen van cd's en drukwerk. CD/DVD Op het moment is de gemiddelde productietijd van een CD/DVD productie 15 werkdagen. Spoedproducties zijn mogelijk. We raden je aan om tijdig met je project te starten. We hopen op je begrip voor deze situatie.
Vinyl Door de enorme vraag naar vinyl zijn de levertijden langer dan normaal. Houd rekening met een productietijd van 4 maanden voor 7" vinyl en 7-9 maanden voor 12" vinyl. Bezorgdiensten Verder merken we dat de transportsector op het moment overbelast is, waardoor leveringen soms enkele dagen langer duren dan verwacht.

Lassen Sie sich inspirieren!

Here you can find some clever options to make your production really stand out! Do you have even better ideas or more specific wishes? Please feel free to call one of our product specialists for a chat! We're more than happy to help you any way we can. +31 228 350 880.


CD with vinyl-look

Did you know almost all of our CD/DVD discs (both replication and duplication) can be produced with a vinyl-look? And what's nice is that it doesn't increase the production time. The label will be printed in full-color and the disc is black (on both sides!) with vinyl-like grooves on the top. Of course this is a great choise when combining a vinyl and disc production.


Double sided printed spine

Did you ever notice most digipacks have a white spine when opening the packaging? This is because only one side of the carton is printed leaving blank this small area, therefor interrupting the artwork. More and more often do our customers choose to have the back side of the spine printed to make the artwork continuous. A good idea to keep in mind.


Spot varnish

All of our replicated cds and dvds can be printed with a special spot varnish. This makes selected areas glossy. A nice effect to give your disc a unique look. Some of our carton packages are also available with a spot varnish. If you're interested in this, please contact one of our product specialists: +31 228 350 880.


Shrink wrap

Protect your packaging against dirt and scratches with a shrink wrap. It's possible with almost all of our cd, dvd and vinyl packagings and for low prices. It's also ideal for placing a sticker on your packaging, enabling your fan to remove it without messing up your packaging.


The Ejector Case

Especially suitable for disc duplications in small quantities, the Ejector Case is an interesting alternative to the wallet or paper sleeve. It can be produced quickly and cheaply and has a unique look. It can also be printed with single or multiple PMS-colors.



Emossing is the technique of adding an indentation to your carton packaging. It enables you to add extra depth and detail to your product. It's often used to make some text, logo or image stand out even more. It can be combined with spot varnish to really make your packaging come to life. Please notice the image where a combination of embossing, spot varish and clever design really emulates the stained glass look.


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