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CD Duplication in Digipak


The grand effect of Digipaks, even with small printing runs!

With this sleeve it's easy to be noticed, even if you choose for a small print run. The luxurious character of a Digipak has for a long time been available only with large print runs, but it's now also available for those with limited budgets. CD duplication in Digipak is the perfect way to achieve maximum effect with minimum means.
Number of disks:
Production type:

For small quantities, duplication is your best choise. For quantities of 500 discs and more, you'll need replicated discs.

Classics, Sparkling

Would you like a matt or glossy finish? It's a matter of opinion, but usually pop and dance artists choose a glossy and singer-song writer, metal artists and the likes choose a matt finish.


    What does production time mean?

    With production time we mean the number of days it takes for us to create your product. This excludes the delviery time (usually one day) and pre-production time. The pre-production is the period where you complete the payment and supply your artwork and master files. Note that these files need to be ready for production in order for the production time to start. If something is wrong with your files, they need to be fixed (either by you or us) to be able to continue.


    Protect your packaging
    Shrink wrapping your packaging will protect if from scratches, dirt and dust. We recommend choosing shrink wrap for all carton packages.


    CD label design
    Are you no graphic designer? No problem. Our designers are able to create great designs for you, at great prices and with no hasstle. And because we've got graphic designers in-house, your designs are completed in a matter of a few days, depending on the complexity of your product and needs.


    Digipack vormgeving
    Geen grafische ontwerper? Geen probleem! Onze ontwerpers maken je ontwerp graag, op basis van aangeleverde foto’s en teksten. Houd er rekening mee dat de levertijd van design afhangt van de drukte op het moment en de complexiteit van het design. Levertijd van het design komt tot stand in onderling overleg.


    Audio Mastering
    After our audio mastering engineer has done his magic onyour music, it will sound professional on all sound systems. Your music will have maximum impact on your listeners who expect it to sound professionally. Please note having your music mastered properly is necessary for online music distribution.


    Download cards van Indieplant zijn kartonnen kaartjes, elk met een unieke code en een verwijzing naar jouw downloadpagina om met die code toegang te krijgen tot jouw digitale bestanden zoals jouw muziek of video.

    Ze zijn ideaal om een bonus track of video clip aan je cd of plaat toe te voegen, om je hele album op te plaatsen en als los product te verkopen, of als promo-materiaal uit te delen.

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cd's in wallet
Mattie Luiijf - Yoga de Regenboog October 28, 2016
Mijn kopers complimenteren mij voor de prachtig uitgevoerde yoga cd's in wallet. De complimenten zijn voor Erg blij met de cd's.

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