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Become our partner!

If you're interested in our partner program, please call one of our employees. You can reach us on monday to friday from 9:00 to 18:00.

+31 228 350 880

You can also reach us via email. One of our representatives will contact you.

The advantages of becoming a partner

Professionals among each other...

It has always been important for us to build new partnerships and maintain existing ones. We know that we can achieve much more together than others alone. Did you know that many partners, including CD brokers, studios, distributors and marketing agencies, already make use of our partner program? And why not? We offer our partners a combination of:

Unsurpassed ease
Advantage through Purchasing Power
Reliable service

This way you will have more time left to achieve more turnover. Connected partners profit from our production and purchasing power and excellent servicing. We invite you to contact us and to discover how you can generate more turnover than you do currently.

Discover now how you will make more turnover

Why would I commit to a partnership?

Do you want to receive profitable partner discount to your purchases?
Do you want easy online control on your orders, from quote to delivery?
Do you want 24/7 direct online review in virtually all product prices, discount prices and templates?
Do you want free online DTP control and also profit from our human DTP team?
Do you want to easily increase your turnover with an increased product range?
Do you want to work smarter instead of harder?
Yes, I would like that!

What other advantages does have for me?

Neutral shipment or with own packing slip.
Shipment of an order easily to multiple addresses.
Payment on invoice possible up to 30 days.
A committed account leader to assist you when needed.
You will receive special offers and discounts for your marketing actions.

The Partner Program in a nutshell

In short: by becoming reseller partner you will work smarter, not harder, you will get to service your customers better, quicker and easier allowing you to save time, for example to achieve more turnover.

Become a partner!